The Bible of the FlowCon organization team is “Principles of Product Development Flow” by Donald G. Reinertsen. This track is all about practice in order to have a good flow of work. We will talk about kanban, reducing batch size, theory of constraints, limiting work in progress, etc. We simply won’t be FlowCon without a track to explain what the flow is!

Flowcon is not an agile conference where we talk only about methodology. In every industry, there is an expertise and this track is about doing the thing right. Some sessions are more awareness sessions about tech, some are more tech for tech and none of them are about tools and frameworks.

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Kenny Baas

Strategic Software delivery consultant

Jabe Bloom

Global Transformation Office at Red Hat

Romain Couturier

System facilitator, Agile Coach and Graphic Facilitator @ SuperTilt

Sander Hoogendoorn

Chief Architect @ Quby / Founder @ ditisagile.nl

Nick Tune

Technical Leadership & Sociotechnical Architecture Consultant @ Empathy Software

Dan Vacanti

Co-founder and CEO @ ActionableAgile

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