The New Normal

The New Normal is a kind of “out of the box” track, but only to a certain extent, because we won’t go so far as talking about wine and cheese! Instead, we will try to understand what the future might be like. This track is not about practices, it’s more about opening our minds.

Flowcon is not an agile conference where we talk only about methodology. In every industry, there is an expertise and this track is about doing the thing right. Some sessions are more awareness sessions about tech, some are more tech for tech and none of them are about tools and frameworks.

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Dave Snowden

Founder and CSO @ Cognitive Edge, Director @ Cynefin Centre Wales

Evelyn Van Kelle

Strategic Software Delivery Consultant @ Xebia

Romeu Moura

Principal Agility & Systems Thinking Evangelist @ BCG Platinion


Extreme Contracts
Jacopo Romei
L'entreprise libérée, ça marche ?
Jean-François Zobrist