Teaser FlowCon 2020 - Jenni Jepsen
Jenni Jepsen
Teaser FlowCon 2020 - Matthew Skelton
Matthew Skelton
Teaser FlowCon 2020 - Agathe Vaisse and Florent Biville
Agathe Vaisse, Florent Biville
Teaser FlowCon 2020 - Lisette Sutherland
Lisette Sutherland
Teaser FlowCon 2020 - Estelle Landry
Estelle Landry
Teaser FlowCon 2020 - Alexandra Lung
Alexandra Lung


Product Management for Continuous Delivery
Elizabeth Ayer
Start Up, Scale Up, Screw Up
Jurgen Appelo
Flow : The new world of business agility
Fin Goulding
Tackling Sociotechnical complexity in the heart of your team
E. Vankelle & K. Baas
Imposing Agile with Coherence, Constraints and Curiosity
Karl Scotland
Extreme Contracts
Jacopo Romei
How An Expedite Request Sunk the Titanic
Daniel S. Vacanti
Agile as if you meant it
Maaret Pyhajarvi
Stop Giving Feedback
Jenni Jepsen
L'entreprise libérée, ça marche ?
Jean-François Zobrist
Safely creating autonomy in the workplace
Jasper Sonnevelt
The science of batch size
Donald G. Reinerstsen
Lean starts with kanban
Michael Balle


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