November 2020

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Flowcon is not an agile conference where we talk only about methodology. In every industry, there is an expertise and this track is about doing the thing right. Some sessions are more awareness sessions about tech, some are more tech for tech and none of them are about tools and frameworks.



“There's nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all” (Peter Drucker)...

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FlowCon is not an agile conference where we only talk about methodology. In every industry, there is a need for expertise...

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The Bible of the FlowCon organization team is “Principles of Product Development Flow” by Donald G. Reinertsen. This track is all about...

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We sometimes hear that there is an agile transformation in progress and that we transform company culture. We do not believe in that...

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The New Normal

The New Normal is a kind of “out of the box” track, but only to a certain extent, because we won’t go so far as...

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It's a conference about organizing teamwork, to deliver a continuous flow of value. This year's FlowCon is an entirely online event held in November. It features a whole month of talks, Monday to Friday at 6 pm (CET / Paris time), presented by French and international speakers.

Videos 2020

Turbulence: Thinking Flow Again
Jabe Bloom
Nihilism and Technology
Nolen Gertz
Hygiène de développement en temps de 🐼-mie
Florent Biville, Agathe Vaisse
Maturity Mapping or how to tailor capability adoption to your existing culture
Marc Burgauer
Comment perdre sa surcharge featurale ?
Estelle Landry
Defining Socio-Technical Boundaries with the Bounded Context Canvas
Nick Tune
Cynicism doesn't build products
Gwen Diagram
Accidental Architects: how HR designs software systems
Matthew Skelton
Software Modernisation
Sandro Mancuso
Intent based leadership
Jenni Jepsen
The Secret History of Kanban and Why it Matters
Dan Vacanti
What’s the Worst That Could Happen?
Roisi Proven
‍The new EU handbook and our project to link climate change with global warming and new forms of radicalism
Dave Snowden
Nine Ways To Fail At Cloud Native
Holly Cummins
How cognitive bias and ranking can foster an ineffective architecture and design
Evelyn van Kelle, Kenny Baas
La théorie sociale de Bourdieu adaptée à la tech
Romeu Moura
Créer les conditions optimales pour une organisation apprenante
Mija Rabemananjara
I have 99 Problems - Where Do I Start? The Theory of Constraints Applied
Thierry de Pauw, Tobias Goeschel
Situation Normal, Everything Must Change
Simon Wardley
Favoriser l'apprentissage en provoquant des changements personnels
Sébastien Chauffray
Leading fast innovation: 10 shades of MVP
Alexandra Lung, Jessica Gantier
How thinking small is changing software development big time
Sander Hoogendoorn
Kanban avancé, comment regénérer son système
Romain Couturier
Navigating the new remote normal
Lisette Sutherland


Jabe Bloom

Global Transformation Office @ Red Hat

Alexandra Lung

Head of Product @ Aircall

Sandro Mancuso

Software Craftsman / Managing Director @ Codurance

Matthew Skelton

Team Topologies Co-author / Consultant @ Conflux

Dave Snowden

Founder and CSO @ Cognitive Edge, Director @ Cynefin Centre Wales

Lisette Sutherland

Remote-working champion, Author of Work Together Anywhere

Dan Vacanti

Co-founder and CEO @ ActionableAgile

Simon Wardley

Advisor @ Leading Edge Forum




Teaser FlowCon 2020 - Jenni Jepsen
Jenni Jepsen
Teaser FlowCon 2020 - Matthew Skelton
Matthew Skelton
Teaser FlowCon 2020 - Agathe Vaisse and Florent Biville
Agathe Vaisse, Florent Biville
Teaser FlowCon 2020 - Lisette Sutherland
Lisette Sutherland
Teaser FlowCon 2020 - Estelle Landry
Estelle Landry
Teaser FlowCon 2020 - Alexandra Lung
Alexandra Lung
Teaser FlowCon 2020 - Romain Couturier
Romain Couturier
Teaser FlowCon 2020 - Mija Rabemananjara
Mija Rabemananjara

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